Lack of gender equality in rural areas the theme during this year’s CSW

2018-03-09 | Women are moving from rural areas to cities in the Nordics, leaving men in the majority among rural residents. During the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women annual meeting in New York, this challenge, as well as strategies to overcome gender inequality, will be raised by the Nordic Council of Ministers, with the support of the Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK). »

“When women join forces, then they can’t be ignored”

2018-03-08 | The #MeToo revolution has swept the Nordic region in the past half year. An avalanche of testimonies of sexual harassment has put the issue high on the political agenda, yet the impact of the campaign has varied across the countries. In connection with the International Women’s Day, Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK) has discussed the #MeToo movement with some Nordic experts. »

New Project about Young People’s Experiences of Selling Sex

2018-03-01 | Young people with experiences of sex for pay form a group that for various reasons is difficult to reach, both for researchers and social workers. Nordic Information on Gender’s (NIKK) new project aims to compile and analyse the available knowledge about young people with experience of offering sex for money in all Nordic countries. »

Knowledge and a Long-Term Approach Keys to Gender-Equal Nordic Cooperation

2018-02-19 | The Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research has hosted Nordic Information on Gender – a Nordic cooperation body dealing with gender and gender equality issues – since 2012, and the assignment was recently extended by four years until 2022. The extension will contribute to more long-term gender equality work, according to the commissioning body, Nordic Council of Ministers. »


2018/03/14 @ 15:05
More knowledge about migrant women’s situation on the labor market is needed, says @pernillabaralt at #CSW62 One interesting perspective is presented in this article: #NordicEquality
2018/03/14 @ 14:50
"The Swedish welfare state is being held up by hard working women, with low salaries. We need to improve that by invest!" @pernillabaralt #CSW62 #NordicEquality
2018/03/14 @ 14:48
"In Iceland we suggest 12 months parental leave, 5 months for each parent, and two months they can share. We do this to create a more functional welfare state" says @asmundureinar #NordicEquality #CSW62
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