Nordic Laws Against Online Threats And Hate Speech Analysed

2016-10-19 | Hate speech and sexism on the internet is a growing problem in the Nordic region. What legal protection can the victims expect? NIKK has launched a new project to review the applicable legislations in the Nordic countries. »

Genital Mutilation in Focus at Nordic Conference

2016-10-13 | The fight against genital mutilation has been successful around the world. However, despite growing resistance against the practice, many girls remain at risk. In Nordic countries, there is a strong need for preventive work and education. A conference titled Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting – a Matter of Human Rights and Gender Equality begins today in Helsinki. »

The design of parental insurance influences men’s use of it

2016-10-10 | Nordic dads take more parental leave than the world average. What are the reasons for this? A new fact sheet from NIKK explains what the parental insurance systems look like in the Nordic countries, and how the design affects fathers’ use of the right to parental leave. The fact sheet also sheds light on how the system rules can be complex or even dysfunctional for parents who do not conform to the heterosexual nuclear family norm. »

‘Some bodies are obviously undesirable’

2016-10-04 | Intersex persons often undergo surgery early in life in order for them to fit into the binary gender norm. The surgeries are standard procedure in all Nordic countries despite the fact that they cannot be justified on medical grounds. ‘The doctors think they can decide what a child’s “right” sex is, but they can’t,’ says Kitty Anderson, chair of Intersex Iceland. »


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Women in Iceland are encouraged to leave their work at 2:38 p.m. on Monday, October 24th:…
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Message from @eurogender: Join the White Ribbon Campaign and stop violence against women:
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Nordic laws against online threats and hate speech analysed: #equalnordic #nohate @nordenen
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