Important Progress Made at CSW – But the Nordic Countries Are Aiming Higher

2017-04-11 | The UN member states will work to eliminate the pay gap between women and men in order to redistribute the unpaid domestic work. This promise was made at the United Nations women’s summit, CSW61. But the link between women’s sexual and reproductive rights and their economic independence is too weak in the final document, according to several Nordic ministers. »

Feminist Parties Moving Forward in the Nordic Countries

2017-04-04 | Feminist political parties are enriching the political environment in an increasing number of Nordic countries. On Sunday, the Finnish Feminist Party will participate in the country’s municipal elections. The asylum issue and basic rights of refugees are high on their agenda. »

Transgender people given a clean bill of health in Sweden and Denmark

2017-03-27 | Sweden is following Denmark’s example and will no longer consider trans persons mentally ill. ‘This is an important change,’ says Lukas Romson, gender equality consultant and trans expert in Sweden. Other Nordic countries will continue to classify transgender people as mentally ill. »

Gender power structure and women’s situation in the labour market

2017-03-20 | A commonly raised question is why women are on sick leave from work more than men. But Sara Hultqvist, author of a recent report on sick leave and gender in the Nordic region, thinks that the question is incorrectly formulated. ‘What should be focused on instead is that some sectors of the labour market, in which mostly women work, offer unacceptable working conditions.’ »


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Vad har de 4 bästa länderna för kvinnor gemensamt?
Ledtråd: Det har med jämställdhet att göra! #equalnordic
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Kan vi snakke om en nordisk likestillingsmodell? Dette spørsmål stiller forskerne Teigen & Skjeie @likestillingISF
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Important Progress Made at CSW – But the Nordic Countries Are Aiming Higher: @nordenen #equalnordic #CSW61
2017/04/09 @ 23:24
Feministiska partiet invalt i Helsingfors! Läs artikeln om den feministiska vågen i Norden:
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Raketfart! Förra året omnämndes ordet ”hen” 27 076 gånger i sv medier, vilket kan jämföras med 636 gånger 2006! NIKKtweet photo
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