Knowledge and a Long-Term Approach Keys to Gender-Equal Nordic Cooperation

2018-02-19 | The Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research has hosted Nordic Information on Gender – a Nordic cooperation body dealing with gender and gender equality issues – since 2012, and the assignment was recently extended by four years until 2022. The extension will contribute to more long-term gender equality work, according to the commissioning body, Nordic Council of Ministers. »

Iceland Trails Other Nordic Countries in LGBTQ Rights

2018-02-14 | Iceland often places near the top in various gender equality rankings. But when it comes to laws and rights for LGBTQ persons, a European ranking shows that the nation is trailing its Nordic neighbours. »

Students Who Make Untraditional Career Choices Will Receive Better Support

2018-02-08 | Many efforts are being made to encourage young people to break gender norms through their educational choices, but once they have made their choices, they are often left to fend for themselves. What additional support can schools and the actors in the labour market provide? This issue was the central theme of a recent Nordic conference in Stockholm. »

Review: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Remains Widespread in the Nordic Countries

2018-01-31 | Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal in all Nordic countries. But despite employers' far-reaching responsibilities, reports of violations remain disturbingly common. One problem, say experts, is that the laws are not followed. »


2018/02/13 @ 2:16
Tirsdag tips!

Torsdag 15/2 arrangerer Senter for likestilling forskerforum med presentasjon av to master prosjekter , som bidrar med ny forskning innen likestilling og kjønnsforskjeller i kommunal sektor og akademia.

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2018/02/12 @ 2:38
"Historisk sett er akademia laget av menn, for menn"

Det blir flere kvinnelige professorer i Norge, men utviklingen går i sneglefart. I 2017 var 29,3 prosent av norske professorer kvinner.
#equalnordic #academia
2018/02/08 @ 1:49
Did you know that… in some areas of the Nordic countries, there will soon be more people over 65 than people in the labour force?

Download the new report “State of the Nordic Region” for free: #nordicregion2018 #nrpol
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