Demand for Legislation Against Discriminating Advertising

2016-09-21 | Sweden is the only Nordic country without a law against sexist advertising. The other countries have legislation in place, but the issue is not receiving enough priority. Iceland is best-in-class when it comes to following up on violations, according to a new Nordic review presented today. »

Where gender equality fits into the ILO’s future of work

2016-09-19 | How do you close the pay gap and create a less gender-divided labour market? The answer does not lie in the past. Gender divisions in the Nordic labour markets have been nearly static since the 1970s and global data from the ILO shows shockingly little movement. So what is needed? That is what the discussion about gender equality in the future labour market is about. Does Iceland have the solution? »

Wage discrimination on the agenda in Nordic gender equality policy

2016-09-13 | Which gender equality issues top the Nordic agenda? Several Nordic countries are updating their guidelines for national gender equality policy. Breaking the gender segregation in the labour market and eliminating the gender wage gap are two prioritised issues in Iceland and Norway. »

Nordic summer school with focus on girl studies

2016-08-31 | What norms does Nordic gender equality policy give rise to and how do they affect various groups of young women? This is one of the questions addressed in the field of Nordic girl studies. Last Friday marked the end of a summer school in Helsinki titled Producing Girlish Knowledge. Nordic Summer School on Creative Methods in Girlhood Studies and Girl Work. Nordic Information on Gender talked to Bodil Formark and Aino Tormulainen, who arranged the event. »


2016/09/23 @ 3:07
Hur ser jämställdhetspolitiken ut i de nordiska länderna? Uppdaterad info finns på NIKK: #equalnordic @nordensk
2016/09/22 @ 2:42
Lagstiftning mot diskriminerande reklam efterfrågas av nordiska projektet #Reklamera i nu rapport: #equalnordic
2016/09/20 @ 5:25
RT @lredmon2: PwC International Chairman Bob Moritz speaks at a UN event in NY celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the HeForShe gender equal…
2016/09/20 @ 0:13
WEDNESDAY, OSLO: Conference on societal security, terrorism and gender #equalnordic
2016/09/19 @ 8:00
Swedish Government to establish gender equality agency: #equalnordic
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