Gender power structure and women’s situation in the labour market

2017-03-20 | A commonly raised question is why women are on sick leave from work more than men. But Sara Hultqvist, author of a recent report on sick leave and gender in the Nordic region, thinks that the question is incorrectly formulated. ‘What should be focused on instead is that some sectors of the labour market, in which mostly women work, offer unacceptable working conditions.’ »

‘One problem is the salaries’

2017-03-14 | Nordic representatives will contribute to the international debate on gender equality in the workplace and the labour market at CSW61, the theme of which is Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Changing World of Work. But how effective are the Nordic solutions? Nordic Information on Gender talked to Lynn Roseberry, one of the experts involved in the event. »

Joint feminist struggle changed society in the Nordic region

2017-03-08 | Trump in the White House and growing right-wing populism in Europe. It is easy to feel frustrated with the situation in the world. However, it is important to remember the feminist advances that have been made and the multifaceted struggle that is underway around the globe. Today Nordic Information on Gender (Nordic Information on Gender) talks about reforms that have been critical to women’s economic independence and that may never have seen the light of day without feminist resistance and Nordic cooperation. »

Male dominance at Nordic cinemas

2017-02-27 | Only six per cent of all films shown at Icelandic cinemas last year were directed by women, according to a gender equality review of film offerings in Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. The results of the review will be presented at the Stockholm Feminist Film Festival. »


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"Unacceptable working conditions" Article about @Nordicwelfare1 report on sick leave & gender in the Nordic region:
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Ny forskning slår hål på fördomar om kvinnligt och manligt ledarskap: #equalnordic #gender
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Är du på jakt efter en praktikplats till hösten? @genus_se söker 1-3 praktikanter till hösten, läs mer: #nyttjobb
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