See you in August!

2017-06-30 | NIKK will go on summer hiatus now – but we’ll be back with new energy on 14th of August. Have a nice summer! »

New report sheds light on online hate speech legislation

2017-06-20 | A new report assessing the legal regulation of online hate speech in the Nordic countries from a gender equality perspective will be on 21 June. The question of how online hate speech can be stopped is more urgent than ever in the Nordic countries. The rampant online posting of aggressive and sexist remarks poses a serious democracy problem as it may cause actors in the public space to remain silent. But it is difficult to hold the perpetrators accountable, partly because the legislation in the field has not been updated. Moa Bladini, author of the report, therefore calls for a revision of the hate crime legislation. »

‘The talk about marginalisation gives a skewed picture’

2017-06-12 | There is a lot of talk in the Swedish public debate about stopping the marginalisation of people with immigrant background in the labour market. Paulina de los Reyes, professor of economic history at Stockholm University, argues that the discussion has the wrong focus. ‘Instead, the focus should be on the conditions in the labour market, as people seem to be experiencing increasing levels of stress, instability, intimidation, violence and exclusion from the social safety net in the workplace.’ »

NIKK to contribute to global sustainability goals

2017-06-05 | In late May, the prime ministers of the Nordic countries launched a joint initiative called Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges. The aim is to spread Nordic experiences related to environmental management, gender equality and social welfare in order to contribute to global sustainable development. The Nordic Council of Ministers, which is coordinating the initiative, has asked NIKK to serve as a cooperation partner in the area of gender equality. ‘This is the first Nordic prime minister initiative focusing on gender equality, and NIKK has the foremost expertise in that field,’ says Julia Fäldt Wahengo. »


2017/06/30 @ 4:21
Nu går vi som jobbar med NIKK på semester, det innebär att vi inte kommer twittra under några v. Men håll ut, vi ses igen 14/8 #equalnordic NIKKtweet photo
2017/06/28 @ 6:38
Läs @etcgbg om vår rapport Hat och hot på nätet. Är inte ett hatbrott att ge uttryck för kvinnohat: #equalnordic
2017/06/27 @ 5:15
Läs @fempers artikel om vår färska rapport "Hat och hot på nätet"!
2017/06/27 @ 1:47
Ang vår rapport om Hat & hot på nätet: Sveriges regering inför miljonsatsning mot hat och hot i medier: #equalnordic
2017/06/26 @ 6:21
Ta del av vår färska rapport om hat och hot på nätet!
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