Gender Equality Fund Highlights Nordic Cooperation Against Violence

2016-12-07 | Lagging and inconsistent legislation against online violence. The importance of including an intersectional perspective in the understanding of violence prevention work and sharing of information between non-profit organisations and public entities such as the police and the legal system. These were some of the issues discussed when NIKK arranged a network meeting for projects that have received funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers’ gender equality fund. »

Focus on the perpetrators of violence

2016-11-30 | Gender-related violence is a widespread and persistent problem in the Nordic countries. An international conference that puts the focus on the perpetrators opens today. What are the best methods to change the behaviour of the perpetrators and thereby end the violence? »

Gender research journals explore contemporary trends

2016-11-22 | The Nordic countries boast several research journals that together help push the field of gender research forward. One example is NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity Studies, which is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. The current issue of the journal looks for example at how masculinity research can help us understand Donald Trump’s success in the political arena. »

Apply for funding from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund!

2016-11-14 | A new call for applications for funding from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund will be arranged in March 2017. If you are interested in applying, now is a good time to initiate collaborations, contact potential partners and start working on your application! »


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Läs rapport från nordiska nätverksträffen med fondprojekt som jobbar mot våld: #makingnordicequality #equalnordic
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New report from @eurogender on gender, poverty and intersecting inequalities in the EU:
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RT @ConfrontGV2016: Day 3 is starting:summary and lessons learned will be followed by workshops on research, treatment options and social f…
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Day 2 of #confrontGV. Read NIKK:s article about the conference at
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