Iceland intent on eliminating the gender pay gap

2017-02-21 | How can the differences in pay between women and men be eliminated? Icelandic trade unions, employers´ confederation and government officials have developed an Equal pay management system, called “The Equal Pay Standard” that will help employers prevent salary discrimination and enable them to become certified. The country’s new gender equality minister wants to make the standard mandatory for all major employers. »

Nordic networks initiate a discussion about gender norms

2017-02-16 | Young boys are repeatedly exposed to extreme gender ideals in films and advertisements. Men are often portrayed as strong lone wolves with a preference for violence as a means to solve problems. The Nordic MenEngage network wants to initiate a discussion about gender norms, change the stereotypical male norm and stop the violence. Today they are hosting a conference in Oslo. »

‘Seriously, nothing is happening’

2017-02-09 | One focus area of the Norwegian presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2017 is gender equality in the labour market and the workplace. As part of this ambition, a large Nordic conference on the topic was arranged in early February. Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK) attended the event, which was held Oslo. »

A gender quota law is not a quick fix

2017-01-31 | In Norway and Iceland, gender quota laws have successfully increased the share of women on corporate boards. The issue of introducing a similar law in Sweden has been debated for many years, but so far no legislative changes have been made. However, the very threat of an upcoming gender quota law indeed seems to have made a difference. »


2017/02/22 @ 23:53
The 2017 call for applications for funding from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund will open next week! #equalnordic
2017/02/22 @ 1:38
Less than 3 per cent of Norway’s full-time fishers are women. Read more in @kjonnsforskning´s article: #equalnordic
2017/02/21 @ 2:09
Iceland intended to eliminate the gender pay gap with “The Equal Pay Standard” read more in our article #equalnordic
2017/02/20 @ 7:52
Kvinnor dominerar utbildningar som ex läkar- och psykologprogrammet i Norge. Nu öppnar landet för kvotering av män
2017/02/20 @ 3:49
Sveriges jämställdhetsminister uppmärksammar den nordiska jämställdhetsfonden!
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