Do you understand what your neighbour is saying? The Nordic languages have many terms related to gender and gender equality that can be difficult to translate in a simple manner. NIKK’s language guide can help you navigate the Nordic lingo.

Did you know that …

… when Danes say hverdagsseksisme, they are talking about normal, everyday behavior that may seem innocent but is rooted in sexism?

… the word intimiteter has become common among Norwegian gender researchers? It is similar in meaning to ‘family’ and is used to describe close relationships.

… the gender-neutral pronoun hen has gained popularity in Sweden and Åland and is also becoming increasingly common in Norwegian? The Finns use it too, but spell it hän. A gender-neutral pronoun is currently lacking in Danish, Faroese and Greenlandic.

suvaus is a Finnish verb that can be translated ‘to do gender mainstreaming’? It is a short form of sukupuolinäkökulman valtavirtaistaminen.

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Nordic Vocabulary
Dansk (køns)ligestilling køn køn ligestillingsvurdering LGBT
English gender equality gender sex gender mainstreaming LGBT / LGBTQ
Suomi (sukupuolten) tasa-arvo tasa-arvo sukupuoli sukupuolinäkökulman valtavirtaistaminen hlbtiq / hlbti / lhbti
Føroyskt javnstøða / javnrættur kyn (málkyn) kyn (lívkyn) avnstøðuintegratión / javnstøðusamlaging LGBT
Kalaallisut suiaassutsikkut naligiissitaaneq suiaassuseq suiaassuseq suiaassutsikkut naligiissitaanermi naliliinerit LGBT
Islenska kynjajafnrétti kyngervi kyn Samþætting kynjasjónarmiða Málefni hinsegin fólks
Norsk (kjønns)likestilling (sosialt) kjønn kjønn likestillingsintegrering LHBT / LHBTQI
Svenska jämställdhet genus kön jämställdhetsintegrering HBT / HBTQ


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