NIKK:s Gender Equality Quiz

Illustration: Emma Hanquist

Illustration: Emma Hanquist

Welcome to NIKK’s gender equality quiz – what do you know about gender equality in the Nordic region? The quiz consists of 12 regular questions plus a bonus question at the end. Each question has a “Clue” button – click it to find out where on the NIKK website you can find the answer.
Once you have finished the test, it will automatically display your score, your responses and the correct answers.

On the last page, you will be invited (but not required) to share your name and e-mail address to become a subscriber to our newsletter! We also have a final bonus question that we hope you will answer, even if it won’t count towards your quiz score. If you choose to answer, you will help us develop our work and make the best possible prioritisations.

Good luck!

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