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1 mars 2019 -
31 mars 2019
Sök pengar från Nordisk jämställdhetsfond
1-31 mars är Nordiska ministerrådets jämställdhetsfond öppen för ansökningar. Cirka två miljoner danska kronor ska fördelas till nordiska jämställdhetsprojekt 2019. Nordisk jämställdhetsfond administeras av NIKK, Nordisk information och kunskap om kön.

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11 april 2019 -
12 april 2019
2nd International Conference on Gender Research (ICGR 2019)
Call for papers open until Sept 20, 2018. More info to come!

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25 april 2019 -
26 april 2019
Hospitality, hostility and everything in between in an era of forced displacements
Drawing on discussions in the social sciences and humanities as well as activist and artistic practices, this conference aims to bring together leading international scholars, early career researchers, postgraduate students, artists and activists to explore and share perspectives on the diverse meanings of hospitality and how it is being imagined and practiced.

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4 juli 2019 -
6 juli 2019
European Conference on Politics & Gender
ECPG offers a platform for exchange and dialogue about how understanding gender is central to understand politics and where diversity and plurality in analytical perspectives and methodologies is enhanced.

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1 september 2019 -
4 september 2019
Third European Conference on Domestic Violence
Norwegian Social Research (NOVA) at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University and the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (NKVTS) are happy to announce that the Third European Conference on Domestic Violence will take place on 1-4 September 2019, in Oslo, Norway.

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7 oktober 2019 -
9 oktober 2019
Gender conference g19: Rethinking Knowledge Regimes: Solidarities and Contestations
The g19 conference in Gothenburg 7-9 October 2019 seeks to bring together the broad and interdisciplinary field that constitutes gender studies in Sweden today. It addresses the current societal challenges at both local and global levels and enquires about how gender studies can contribute to analysing the major events in the contemporary world.

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10 december 2019
CfP: Revisiting the Home: the 3rd International Geomedia Conference
Geomedia 2019 welcomes proposals for individual papers as well as thematic panels in English through the conference website.

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Call for papers

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