Initiatives and action in the wake of the Me Too movement

2018-12-04 | How has the Me Too movement influenced the political agenda in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States? A recent survey by Nordic Information on Gender, NIKK, shows that these countries have taken a number of initiatives to deal with and prevent sexual harassment. These range from tougher legislation and expanding the remit of the responsible authorities to broad-scale information campaigns. »

Strong focus on Me Too movement during Sweden’s Presidency year

2018-12-19 | The Me Too movement had just erupted when Sweden took over the Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers one year ago. And its impact has been visible in Nordic cooperation during the year. Sexual harassment has been on the agenda and gender equality has had extra priority. “It’s important now not to lose this momentum,” says Sweden’s Minister for Gender Equality Lena Hallengren. »

“Managers must take responsibility when sexual harassment occurs”

2018-11-06 | The #MeToo movement shifted the spotlight from the victims of sexual harassment to the perpetrators. But what does the management of a company do when it happens? This is the question addressed in a new Nordic report on sexual harassment in working life. »

Number of men in Norwegian childcare has risen fivefold

2018-10-22 | Several Nordic countries have an ambition to increase the number of male childcare workers. Norway has been more successful than the others. Since 1990, the number of men employed in the childcare sector has increased fivefold. At present, nine per cent of all childcare workers are men, which is a significantly higher share than in the other Nordic countries. »


2018/11/28 @ 5:05
In the world there is a backlash and resistance to women’s rights, but the Me Too movement is still very vibrant and vivid. Åsa Regnér, Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director of UN Women. @regner_asa @UN_Women #metoo #nordicequality NIKKtweet photo
2018/11/28 @ 4:56
A better vocabulary of sexual harassment, focus on ordinary women and not just celebrities and get the regulation at workplaces to actually work are some of the topics addressed by the panel regarding next step in metoo. #nordicequality
2018/11/28 @ 4:15
Lena Hallengren, Minister for Gender Equality in Sweden, opens the seminar One year later – The impact of #MeToo from a Nordic-Baltic perspective, arranged by the Swedish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers. #nordicequality NIKKtweet photo
2018/10/22 @ 4:03
NIKK och @genus_se söker frilansskribenter! Sista ansökningsdag 5:e november:
2018/09/28 @ 1:51
Promoting gender equality at work is not only a matter of rights; it is the smart thing to do from the perspective of inclusive growth. Read inspiring true stories from the Nordic countries: #nordicsolutions #nordicequality @nordenen NIKKtweet photo
2018/09/26 @ 5:28
Flexible work arrangements enable parents to successfully combine work and family life. Nordic companies offer more flexible working hours than anywhere else in Europe. For further reading, please visit
#nordicsolutions #nordicequality
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2018/09/24 @ 5:45
Nordic research shows that men who take longer parental leave are more involved in the care of their children throughout their lives, and also do more unpaid housework. See the full brief:
@nordenen #nordicsolutions #nordicequality
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2018/09/19 @ 3:54
The introduction of quality, affordable childcare is a key reason so many women are in paid employment in the Nordic countries. Download this brief, included in the Nordic Gender Effect at Work, to see how it works:
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2018/09/18 @ 2:39
Du har väl kollat in @nordenen nya material the Nordic Gender Effect at Work?! Den stadiga ökningen av kvinnor på arbetsmarknaden har stått för en stor del av den ekonomiska utvecklingen i Norden. #nordicequality
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2018/09/17 @ 1:44
Today, @nordenen launches its knowledge hub; the Nordic Gender Effect at Work. Five briefs, produced by NIKK, summarize the most important political reforms for gender equality. Share it for change! #nordicsolutions #nordicequality
2018/09/03 @ 2:51
Nio nya nordiska samarbetsprojekt för ökad jämställdhet har fått medel från den nordiska jämställdhetsfonden 2018. Läs mer om dem på #nordicequality
2018/08/27 @ 4:37
Ojämställda livsvillkor har betydelse för Nordens demografi. För mer info kring kvinnors och mäns olika livsvillkor, se NIKK:s och @Nordregio:s kartor som visar på tillgången till utbildning, arbete och omsorg på kommunnivå:
2018/06/18 @ 5:54
Nu tar vi på NIKK ett twitterupphåll inför semestern. På kan du dock alltid hitta kunskap om politik, praktik, fakta och forskning på jämställdhetsområdet i Norden. Vi hörs igen i mitten av augusti. Glad sommar!
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2018/06/14 @ 4:08
Grönland har fått en ny jämställdhetsminister efter vårens val, och frågorna har bytt departement. Jämställdhetsfrågorna har dock inte dominerat valdebatten, trots stora behov på området.
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2018/06/13 @ 4:18
Ett uppdaterat EU-direktiv om föräldraledighet kan leda till öronmärkta pappamånader i Danmark: Samtidigt visar NIKK:s kartläggning att föräldraförsäkringens utformning påverkar männens uttag:
2018/06/11 @ 2:48
Call for Papers: Planning and Policy processes – Gender and diversity mainstreaming. Workshops on Gendering Smart Mobilities in the Nordic Region, Stockholm 17th-18th September, 2018. Deadline 1st August.
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