#MeToo Moving forward: International conference on combatting sexual harassment

2019-08-09 | What impact has the #MeToo movement had so far and how do we move forward? These are some of the issues discussed at the international conference #MeToo Moving forward in Reykjavik 17-19 of September. The conference is a part of the Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2019 and is organised in collaboration with RIKK, Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference at the University of Iceland. »

Focus on men and gender equality in Tórshavn in June

2019-05-16 | In June, the Nordic region will join forces on gender equality as they meet for two days of events in Tórshavn in the Faeroe Islands. The focus will be the role of men in promoting gender equality and its development in Iceland and the Faeroe Islands. The Icelandic presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers together with the Prime Minister’s Office in Iceland and the Ministry of Social Affairs in the Faroe Islands will play host to these events. »

Nordic focus on the gender effect of parental leave at CSW63

2019-03-08 | It’s only when women and men share family responsibilities equally that we can achieve economic gender equality. This is the message of the Nordic ministers for gender equality at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, CSW63. Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir will be initiating joint Nordic efforts to reach the UN Agenda 2030’s goal on gender equality. »

The world of work tomorrow the focus at Future of Work conference in Reykjavik

2019-02-19 | The Future of Work conference to be held in Iceland in April will take up pressing issues concerning the world of work in the future. The Future of Work is a joint conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Nordic Council of Ministers. The Icelandic presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers will be hosting the conference, where a large number of international actors in the field will gather in the Harpa Concert and Conference Centre in Reykjavik on 4–5 April. »


2019/09/19 @ 5:09
"We need to look into the perpetrators, who are they and what structures and what behavior from us, as bystanders, are allowing and helping them to harass?" Fredrik Bondestam, NIKK, on the need to investigate the perpetrators, at #MeTooReykjavik #NordicEquality #NordicSolutions NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/19 @ 5:05
"There has to be a stop to using strategies that we, through research, know are not working." Fredrik Bondestam, NIKK and the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research at #MeTooReykjavik #NordicEquality #NordicSolutions NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/19 @ 4:35
Interesting talks and statements ar the session The Nordic counties and #MeToo, right now at #MeTooReykjavik #NordicEquality #NordicSolutions NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/19 @ 4:19
"don't talk to me about 'violence against women', then your missing a very important part - the male perpetrators responsible for the violence" Gudrun Jonsdottir, women's shelter @stigamot, on perpetrators, a perspective oddly often forgotten. #MeTooReykjavik #NordicEquality NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/19 @ 2:35
"The study shows that harassment from colleagues are the hardest to handle and where routines are lacking" Helene from @mittOmbud on their Nordic project on sexual harassment in the restaurant and hotel industry. Right now at #MeTooReykjavik! #NordicEquality #NordicSolutions NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/19 @ 2:27
Amelie from @SexogSamfund and Frida from Friends, both working with youth in their projects on sexual harassment. Read more about all the projects funded by the Nordic Gender Equality Fund: #MeTooReykjavik #NordicEquality #NordicSolutions NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/19 @ 2:14
So all Nordic Gender Equality Fund projects working against sexual harassment are here! Here's Amelie from @SexogSamfund talking about the project on youth driven prevention. #MeTooReykjavik #NordicEquality #NordicSolutions NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/19 @ 2:03
Our workshop Nordic cooperation starts in Stemma at #MeTooReykjavik right now! Make sure you come through! #NordicEquality #NordicSolutions NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/18 @ 9:00
"If you say you're doing gender well, but not doing race well, then you're simply not doing gender well either" @MaraiLarasi's important message to the Nordic counties at #MeTooReykjavik

#NordicEquality #NordicSolutions
NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/18 @ 8:55
Launched at #MeTooReykjavik: NIKK's new publication Ending sexual harassment – a precondition for gender equality: Nordic initiatives in the aftermath of #MeToo #NordicEquality #NordicSolutions
NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/18 @ 6:59
Liz Kelly on how the metoo movement has been appropriated in counter movements, at the workshop War on women: the backlash against #MeToo #MeTooReykjavik #NordicEquality NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/18 @ 6:54
"Patriarchy is always working as well as reshaping itself. We have to be seriously curious about understanding all the micro processes that uphold and sustain patriarchy" Cynthia Enloe at #MeTooReykjavik #MeToo #nordicequality NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/18 @ 5:01
"The gig economy is one of the biggest threats to gender equity" @MonicaRamirezOH at the workshop on the important topic of precarious work and #MeToo #MeTooReykjavik #NordicEquality NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/18 @ 2:57
" #MeToo was possible because of a long history of organizing. We were not at all new to this, we have to in fact been working to end sexual violence for many decades" - @MonicaRamirezOH at #MeTooReykjavik #NordicEquality NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/18 @ 2:31
Gary Barker on how systems of boyhood and masculinity need to change in order to end men's violence, right now at #MeTooReykjavik #NordicEquality #NordicSolutions NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/18 @ 2:24
"Sexual harassment is not the behavior of just a few men, it's more of the national sport for men" - Gary Barker, @Promundo_US on the pandemic issue men's violence against women is, sexual harassment being one aspect of it. #MeTooReykjavik #NordicEquality #NordicSolutions NIKKtweet photo
2019/09/17 @ 10:35
Angela Davis at #MeTooReykjavik right now! If you're not able to be here, do not miss out on this and stream it: #nordicequality #MeToo NIKKtweet photo

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