2018/09/28 @ 1:51
Promoting gender equality at work is not only a matter of rights; it is the smart thing to do from the perspective of inclusive growth. Read inspiring true stories from the Nordic countries: #nordicsolutions #nordicequality @nordenen NIKKtweet photo
2018/09/26 @ 5:28
Flexible work arrangements enable parents to successfully combine work and family life. Nordic companies offer more flexible working hours than anywhere else in Europe. For further reading, please visit
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2018/09/24 @ 5:45
Nordic research shows that men who take longer parental leave are more involved in the care of their children throughout their lives, and also do more unpaid housework. See the full brief:
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2018/09/19 @ 3:54
The introduction of quality, affordable childcare is a key reason so many women are in paid employment in the Nordic countries. Download this brief, included in the Nordic Gender Effect at Work, to see how it works:
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2018/09/18 @ 2:39
Du har väl kollat in @nordenen nya material the Nordic Gender Effect at Work?! Den stadiga ökningen av kvinnor på arbetsmarknaden har stått för en stor del av den ekonomiska utvecklingen i Norden. #nordicequality
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