Focus on men and gender equality in Tórshavn in June

2019-05-16 | In June, the Nordic region will join forces on gender equality as they meet for two days of events in Tórshavn in the Faeroe Islands. The focus will be the role of men in promoting gender equality and its development in Iceland and the Faeroe Islands. The Icelandic presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers together with the Prime Minister’s Office in Iceland and the Ministry of Social Affairs in the Faroe Islands will play host to these events. »

Nordic focus on the gender effect of parental leave at CSW63

2019-03-08 | It’s only when women and men share family responsibilities equally that we can achieve economic gender equality. This is the message of the Nordic ministers for gender equality at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, CSW63. Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir will be initiating joint Nordic efforts to reach the UN Agenda 2030’s goal on gender equality. »

The world of work tomorrow the focus at Future of Work conference in Reykjavik

2019-02-19 | The Future of Work conference to be held in Iceland in April will take up pressing issues concerning the world of work in the future. The Future of Work is a joint conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Nordic Council of Ministers. The Icelandic presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers will be hosting the conference, where a large number of international actors in the field will gather in the Harpa Concert and Conference Centre in Reykjavik on 4–5 April. »

Applications for funding from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund

2019-02-07 | On 1 March, applications will open for funding from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund. Approximately DKK 2 million will be distributed to Nordic gender equality projects in 2019. »


2019/07/04 @ 7:31
Det innebär att det praktiska skyddet är litet för utsatta grupper. Läs hela rapporten "Hat och hot på nätet" här: #Almedalen #NordicEquality #NordicSolutions
2019/07/04 @ 7:29
Rapporten visar att det i Norden råder osäkerhet kring hur bestämmelserna som omfattar hatbrott ska tillämpas och var gränsen mot yttrandefriheten går, vilket leder till att bestämmelserna inte används i den utsträckning som i teorin är möjlig. #Almedalen #NordicEquality
2019/07/04 @ 7:25
Hat och hot är en ständigt aktuell fråga. NIKK:s rapport "Hat och hot på nätet" kartlägger den rättsliga regleringen i Norden från ett jämställdhetsperspektiv: #Almedalen #NordicSolutions #NordicEquality
2019/06/30 @ 8:38
Diskussionen är igång: hur långt ska vi gå för att skydda yttrandefriheten? Respekt för lagar och regler nödvändigt för demokratin. Begränsar hatfulla yttringar demokratin?
Ta gärna del av NIKKs rapport om hot och hat på nätet: #nordicequality #nrpol
2019/06/30 @ 7:29
Kom och delta! Snart dags för det första seminariet i det Nordiska programmet i Almedalen: Yttrandefrihet och demokrati - en nordisk hårdvara värt att slåss för? #nrpol #nordicequality #nordicsolutions
2019/06/12 @ 2:21
West Nordic panel on equal pay for work of equal value. Representatives from Faroe and Icelandic Ministries and companies are discussing this important equality issue. Get an overview on equal pay work in the Nordics:

#NordicEquality #NordicSolutions
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2019/06/12 @ 2:14
"Occupations and positions dominated by women are undervalued, that is something very important to address and change" Bjarni Bjarnason, CEO of Reykjavík Energy in a West Nordic panel debate on equal pay.

#NordicEquality #NordicSolutions
2019/06/12 @ 1:57
Read more about how Iceland and the other Nordic countries are working on the equal pay issue in NIKK:s new report "Likalön i Norden"

#NordicSolutions #NordicEquality
NIKKtweet photo
2019/06/12 @ 1:48
“The Icelandic equal pay law works. The process and the wage certifications can be compared with a birth. It’s painful to go through, but the results are beyond delightful”. Rósa Guðrún Erlingsdóttir at today's West Nordic Equality Conference

#NordicEquality #NordicSolutions
2019/06/12 @ 1:41
”Equal pay for work of equal value has been high on the agenda for a long time in Iceland” Rósa Guðrún Erlingsdóttir, Department of Equality Iceland, is explaining the Icelandic law on equal pay, which is to ensure no wage discrimination.

#NordicSolutions #NordicEquality
2019/06/11 @ 6:52
“It is the duty of the executive management to execute gender equality. CEO:s are required to deliver on budget and results. They should be required to deliver on gender equality as well”. Bjarni Bjarnason, CEO Reykjavik Energy

#NordicEquality #NordicSolutions #HeForShe
2019/06/11 @ 6:42
Nordic men take more time off from work to be with their children than anywhere else in the world. Read more on the Nordic Gender Effect and the importance of shared parental leave:

#NordicEquality #NordicSolutions #Barbershop #HeForShe
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2019/06/11 @ 6:33
“Shared parental leave has very positive impacts on cooperation in families as well as the feeling of security for children”
Ingólfur V. Gíslason, Associate Professor at @uni_iceland on the importance of shared parental leave.
#NordicEquality #NordicSolutions #Barbershop
2019/06/11 @ 6:24
“How do we free ourselves to be the best men we can? Our lives will get so much better when we embrace a new kind of masculinity that is healthy, connected and caring”
-Gary Barker, President of @Promundo_US at @BarberShopConf #NordicEquality #NordicSolutions #HeForShe
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2019/06/11 @ 6:18
"Toxic masculinity is though a great term for what we are working against, and that because toxic masculinity simply is dangerous for us as a society, as well as individuals."
- Gary Barker, President of @Promundo_US

#NordicEquality #NordicSolutions #HeForShe @BarberShopConf
2019/06/11 @ 6:15
"A lot of men think that “toxic masculinity” means that all men are bad. That’s not the case."
-Gary Barker, President of @Promundo_US at the @BarberShopConf in Torshávn.

#NordicEquality #NordicSolutions #BarbershopToolbox #HeForShe
2019/06/11 @ 5:48
"The inclusion of men are crucial to reach gender equality, which is just as crucial for a society to be able to reach it’s full potential."
- Aksel V. Johannesen, Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands

#NordicEquality #NordicSolutions #BarbershopToolbox #HeForShe

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