Focus on men and gender equality in Tórshavn in June

2019-05-16 | In June, the Nordic region will join forces on gender equality as they meet for two days of events in Tórshavn in the Faeroe Islands. The focus will be the role of men in promoting gender equality and its development in Iceland and the Faeroe Islands. The Icelandic presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers together with the Prime Minister’s Office in Iceland and the Ministry of Social Affairs in the Faroe Islands will play host to these events. »

Nordic focus on the gender effect of parental leave at CSW63

2019-03-08 | It’s only when women and men share family responsibilities equally that we can achieve economic gender equality. This is the message of the Nordic ministers for gender equality at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, CSW63. Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir will be initiating joint Nordic efforts to reach the UN Agenda 2030’s goal on gender equality. »

The world of work tomorrow the focus at Future of Work conference in Reykjavik

2019-02-19 | The Future of Work conference to be held in Iceland in April will take up pressing issues concerning the world of work in the future. The Future of Work is a joint conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Nordic Council of Ministers. The Icelandic presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers will be hosting the conference, where a large number of international actors in the field will gather in the Harpa Concert and Conference Centre in Reykjavik on 4–5 April. »

Applications for funding from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund

2019-02-07 | On 1 March, applications will open for funding from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund. Approximately DKK 2 million will be distributed to Nordic gender equality projects in 2019. »


2019/05/22 @ 3:22
Participating in the @NORAgender2019 conference for three days. Right now, the Prime Minister of Iceland @katrinjak is opening the conference. #NORAgender2019 NIKKtweet photo
2019/04/05 @ 4:31
The Nordics have come a long way, but challenges sure remain. The #GenderPayGap is still present and although Nordic fathers take more parental leave than fathers anywhere else in the world, the distribution of care work is still unequal. #Futurework #nordicsolutions NIKKtweet photo
2019/04/05 @ 4:25
"We need equal rights to earn and to care" Ingólfur V. Gíslason, @uni_iceland presents his research on father’s parental leave and what's happened since the shared parental leave policy in Iceland was intruduced in 2000. #FutureWork #nordicsolutions #nordicequality NIKKtweet photo
2019/04/05 @ 3:34
“There are big knowledge gaps when it comes to gender equality, it's an issue that has to be addressed in a systematic way as a part of the Nordic model”, -Golnaz Bonde at #futurework. We agree, shared knowledge makes a different: #nordicsolutions NIKKtweet photo
2019/04/05 @ 2:54
@katrinjak @LopaUN & @SharanBurrow are all addressing sexual harassment and violence have to be eliminated if we’re even going to have chance to reach GE. More in our fact sheet on violence prevention and masculinity norms: #Futurework #nordicsolutions
2019/04/05 @ 2:39
We need bold leadership in the Nordics. Challenges remains, hard work is needed to reshape the norms keeping inequality in place. We cannot accept what @wef is telling us, that at this slow pace it will take 200y to achieve gender equality. - @LopaUN #Futurework #Nordicsolutions
2019/04/05 @ 2:30
“Violence against women and girls remains one of the most stubborn hindrances for gender equality. It's estimated it costs USD 12 trillion a year, and it’s prevents women both from living a free life and participating in the world of work" - @LopaUN #FutureWork #nordicsolutions NIKKtweet photo
2019/04/05 @ 2:20
" #Metoo made us understand the magnitude of sexual harassment and showed how structures keep allowing violence against women” - @katrinjak. Read more about #Metoos impact in the Nordics in NIKK:s report “One year after Metoo” #FutureWork #Nordicsolutions
2019/04/05 @ 2:15
“We have to address the undervaluation of work that’s traditionally seen as women’s work”, @katrinjak is addressing the gender pay gap and how we need to work against norms that keep undervaluing women and feminization.   #nordicsolutions #nordicequality #FutureWork #ILO100 NIKKtweet photo
2019/04/05 @ 2:06
“Gender equality is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do" Prime minister of Iceland, as well as minister for gender equality, Katrín Jakobsdóttir @katrinjak, states that a gender equality has to cut through all political work. #FutureWork #ILO100
2019/04/04 @ 7:03
How can the labour law ensure security and protection for people with unclear employment status, i.e platform workers in the so called "sharing economy"? Presentation by Marianne Hotvedt from @UniOslo #FutureWork #ILO100 #nordicsolutions NIKKtweet photo

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