NIKK - Nordic information on gender - 2013

NIKK is a centre for information on gender established by the Nordic Council of Ministers for Gender Equality. It has been managed from the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research since late 2012, and the assignment expires in 2015. A central principle has been to keep building on the predecessor’s material, resources, networks, address lists etc. NIKK has kept the already established web address, and has transferred all reports, NIKK magasin etc. from the previous website to a new platform.

Nordic tour

As part of designing plans and strategies for NIKK’s work and to identify important focus areas in the Nordic region, a ‘Nordic tour’ was initiated in spring 2013. The tour consisted of a series of dialogue meetings with key actors in all Nordic countries and autonomous regions. During the tour, we met with representatives from about 60 organisations. We visited Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Åland Islands. We met with organisations in the Faroe Islands and Greenland via video link. NIKK also participated in and dispersed information from and about a number of Nordic and European activities, conferences and seminars held throughout the year.

Website, newsletter, social media

NIKK_facebookNIKK has developed a graphic profile, visual material and a motto in order to facilitate recognition of the Nordic gender equality cooperation. The motto ‘Shared knowledge makes a difference’ permeates NIKK’s work at all levels, not least the website and the presence in social media. NIKK’s symbol, the bird, carries the colours of the flags of the Nordic countries. A collection of illustrations has also been developed, where we show different dimensions of gender equality work, from everyday life to political work.
NIKK’s new website was launched in the summer of 2013 in Swedish and English. Its primary aim is to provide information about Nordic news, activities, conferences, political initiatives, reports etc. of relevance in the field of gender equality. We present the Nordic gender equality cooperation via theme pages with information about current and future activities. We have also established a link archive with references to important units and organisations  in the Nordic countries. All web material is ‘tagged’, which means that it can be sorted according to for example country or topic. The website attracts visitors from across the Nordic region and other European countries. New newsletters, a Facebook page and a Twitter account  were started with the launching of the new website. The hashtag #equalnordic was established to strengthen the Nordic exchange of information in social media.


logo_genderkalendernGenderKalenderN is a collaboration between national providers of gender equality information in the Nordic region. As part of the collaboration, which started over ten years ago, the participants contribute information from and about their respective countries to a joint database. Each organisation can then decide which information to display on its website, according to relevance. This solution is both flexible and efficient, since the information in the database only has to be inputted once by one organisation but can then be shared as needed by all partners. In May 2013, the calendar was updated and modernised. Its name was also changed, from NordKalender to GenderKalenderN. All functions were updated, for example enabling sharing of posts via Facebook and Twitter.

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ funding scheme 2013

The Nordic Council of Ministers for Gender Equality has established a funding scheme aimed to support Nordic projects and activities within gender equality. NIKK has been commissioned to administer the scheme. Before the summer, we announced a call for applications via all our channels, and subsequently received 80 applications from across the Nordic region for the total DKK 1.2 million that was to be distributed. In early autumn, the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Gender Equality approved funding of  11 projects.

ill_deltidPart-Time Work in the Nordic Region

The Nordic Council of Ministers has commissioned NIKK to administer the project Part-Time Work in the Nordic Region. A first project report, on the effects of part-time work on economic distribution between women and men, was presented at a conference in Stockholm on 22 October in cooperation with the Swedish Presidency of the Council. A fact sheet with a summary of the report has also been presented. The report was preceded by a pre-study and a workshop with researchers from all Nordic countries. In autumn 2013, the second part of the project was initiated. This part will focus on the underlying reasons why women work more part time than men.

Nordic gender equality cooperation 2015-2018

NIKK is to provide the Nordic Council of Ministers with ideas and material for gender equality cooperation and action plans. Late in 2013, we were asked to submit material for the gender equality cooperation programme scheduled to be developed in 2014. The intention was to enable anybody to respond. We also took the opportunity to ask some additional questions and provide open-ended response alternatives to find out which issues should be prioritised. Individuals could complete the questionnaire anonymously online, and it was also distributed to organisations in the so called Nordic family as well as to all the organisations we had invited to dialogue meetings during our ‘Nordic tour’. We received responses from about 400 individuals and 90 national and Nordic organisations.

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