Anti-discrimination 2007-2008

On 1 January 2006, the Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud started its activities in Norway based on a new Anti-discrimination Ombud Act. The Ombud was established after an extended political process, which started in 2000 with the purpose of enhancing the efforts against discrimination as well as the rights of the Norwegian citizens. In all the Nordic countries there have either been initiated or implemented similar revisions of the gender equality and equal treatment legislation in order to provide better protection against discrimination and to have a more effective handling of complaints.

Anti-discrimination was one of the subjects NIKKs work on during 2007 och 2008.


Frontp_NIKKpub2008_Flerdimensionel ligestilling_Flerdimensional diskrimineringspolitikMultidimensional Discrimination Policies In the Nordic Countries  -an overview (2008)

The report describes former and current anti-discrimination legislation in the individual countries and charts current proposals within legislation and administration towards a new policy in the field. The report also points out tendencies in the arguments for revisions and deals with responses from various organisations. NIKK was commissioned by the Finnish chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2007 to draw up the report.

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