Nordic Gender Equality 1999-2005

Equality between women and men has in recent decades been a prominent political export product for all the Nordic countries. To the outside world, it can sometimes be difficult to see patterns – similarities and differences – between the countries. Nordic Gender Equality was one of twelve subjects that Nordisk Institutt for kunnskap om kjønn focused on.

Frontp_NIKKpub2009__ligestillingspolitik_Mænd og maskuliniteter _Gender Equality & Qualit yo fLife(Eng)Gender Equality and Quality of Life. A Norwegian Perspective (2009)

In order to find out more about men, women and gender equality, a representative survey was made in Norway in 2007, which was more detailed and comprehensive than earlier survey research. The report describes the results of the survey – the changing, uneven and partially conflicting gender equality developments among men and women today. The survey has a sample of 2,805 women and men, who answered a questionnaire with 350 questions and statements on gender equality in spring 2007. The study was financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Equality and carried out by NIKK in co-operation with the Work Research Institute (WRI). The team was led by Øystein Gullvåg Holter, NIKK, and included Helge Svare and Cathrine Egeland, WRI.

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