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Time to step up. Nordicom launches a new platform for gender equality in the media

2013-12-18 | The media can hinder or hasten the development towards gender equality. Worldwide, only 24 percent of the news subjects are women. In Europe, only one in every ten box office films is directed by a woman and in advertisement and computer games there is an abundance of gender stereotypes. Is there a Nordic way to deal with these issues? Some media organizations in the Nordic Countries has managed better than others, why is that so? Where are the good strategies and the best practices to be found? These are some issues that will be discussed during a number of events during 2014.

Nordic conference in Iceland on part-time work

2013-12-16 | Part-time work and equal pay are the focus of two Nordic conferences next year. They will take place November 12 -13 November 2014 in Reykjavik.

NORA problematizes kings and princesses

2013-11-26 | Prison narratives, gendered perfumes and adoptees' identity work. Topics dealt with in the latest issue of Nora - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research.

Efforts for gender equality get Nordic support

2013-11-25 | Eleven Nordic activities will share 1.2 million Danish crowns. The Nordic Council of Ministers has made its decision about the Nordic funding scheme set up in 2013. A new announcement is coming in 2014.

Give feedback on the upcoming Nordic cooperation on gender equality

2013-11-21 | The Nordic Ministers of Gender Equality will develop a new cooperation program for the years 2015-2018. NIKK have been asked to collect views from organizations and individuals throughout the Nordic countries as a basis for co-operation program.

Mixed signals in Nordic prostitution policy

2013-11-14 | In Norway condoms are distributed to prostitutes, while in Sweden this runs counter to its zero-tolerance policy. The idea of a common Nordic model for dealing with prostitution is not reflected in practice.

Different Economic Effects of Part-Time Work for Women and Men

2013-10-22 | In Denmark and Norway, a few years of part-time work when the kids are small will not have a noticeable effect on a person’s pension. In Iceland, Sweden and Finland, however, it may make more of a difference. This is the conclusion of a new report from NIKK.

Nordic gender equality cooperation matter of life and death

2013-10-07 | - Gender equality is not a luxury problem, but a matter of life and death. That statement was delivered by Manu Sareen, Denmark's Minister for Gender Equality, as he opened the cross- Nordic Conference on the future of the Nordic Gender Equality cooperation.

EU launches unique resource for gender equality

2013-10-01 | Today EIGE’s Resource and Documentation Centre (RDC) is launched. For the first time ever more than 240 000 resources on gender equality in the EU are available through one portal.

Nordic Gender Equality Policy Has Been Europeanised

2013-09-25 | Gender equality policy in the Nordic countries has been influenced by the EU and become more focused on anti-discrimination and strengthening of human rights. This is the view of Johanna Kantola, researcher, who recently spoke at a conference at Stockholm University.

Which Nordic country is the most sustainable?

2013-09-17 | The Nordic Council of Ministers has just launched a new database on indicators for sustainability: The new collection of indicators reflects a number of key challenges for the Nordic welfare societies, the gender pay gap included.

Nordic Council criticism of Russian legislation against homosexual propaganda

2013-08-29 | "The Russian law banning 'homosexual propaganda' goes against the Nordic Council's core values of democracy, equality and freedom of speech. The Nordic Council will continue to protest against this at every opportunity until we see a change", says Karin Åström, Northwest Russian Observer in the Nordic Council Presidium.

EIGE opens nominations for the 2014 Wo/Men inspiring Europe Calender

2013-08-27 | EIGE is awaiting your nominations of women and men who have had successful initiatives and fostered gender equality in their communities.

The Nordic region – a gender equality paradise?

2013-08-12 | Although the Nordic countries have been good about bringing more women into academic leadership positions, they are only at the EU level when it comes to the percentage of female professors.

Various Routes are Taken in Nordic Equal Opportunities Policy

2013-08-06 | The Nordic countries are often thought of as an ideal when it comes to gender equality and they are highly ranked in international comparisons. However, this does not reflect the whole truth about equality in the Nordic countries.

Equal Opportunities Regulations Yield Results in Schools

2013-08-06 | In those Nordic countries where there are explicit formulations regarding gender equality in the schools’ policy documents, there also is to be found active egalitarianism. This is evidenced in a new Nordic report which has been produced by the Swedish National Agency for Education. The report also introduces various models for a successful implementation of equal opportunities in schools.

Latest news on fundings!

2013-07-19 | The Nordic Ministers for Gender Equality wish to stimulate Nordic co-operation in the area of gender equality within the framework of the Ministers’ co-operation programme ...

The Nordic region – a step closer to gender balance in research?

2013-07-10 | Nearly 80 per cent of all professors in the Nordic region are men. Gender balance in academia is therefore an important research policy issue. Hitherto it has been scarcely debated on a joint Nordic level. A new report from the Nordic Council of ministers shows the status and the development in the field.

NIKK to explore the costs of part-time work

2013-01-31 | We already know that women work part-time more often than men, but how does it affect them economically? NIKK is determined to find an answer to this question as part of a Nordic project. The results will be presented in October at a conference in Stockholm.

Should Daddy Stay Home with the Baby?

2013-06-24 | Reserving some of the parental leave period for the father is currently a hot topic in all Nordic countries. The Norwegian right wing has announced that they will do away with the ‘daddy quota’ if they win the election, and in Denmark the government’s promise to introduce the policy was recently put off.

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