Efforts for gender equality get Nordic support

Eleven Nordic activities will share 1.2 million Danish crowns. The Nordic Council of Ministers has made its decision about the Nordic funding scheme set up in 2013. A new announcement is coming in 2014.

The Nordic Council of Ministers for Gender Equality wants to stimulate Nordic cooperation through a Nordic funding scheme. The first announcement was made in autumn 2013.
NIKK has handled the scheme and got 80 applications for a total value of nearly 20 million Danish crowns.

Eleven activities have been funded by the scheme, for a total of 1.2 million Danish crowns. All Nordic countries and Åland are involved, as well as the Baltic States and Northwest Russia. Themes include the Arctic, violence, anti-racism, youth work and journalism – from gender perspectives.

The criteria for funding have been absolute in the case of Nordic synergy and added gender equality value. Activities that are sustainable in the long term and contribute to the current Nordic cooperation on gender equality has also been positively assessed. The pressure was high and many good activities are among those who have not received funding in this round. The Nordic Council of Ministers designs a new announcement in 2014.

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