EIGE opens nominations for the 2014 Wo/Men inspiring Europe Calender

EIGE is awaiting your nominations of women and men who have had successful initiatives and fostered gender equality in their communities.




You can nominate outstanding people regardless of their sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation. Nominations will be accepted from now until 15 September. Should you have any questions, please address them to: wo_men@eige.europa.eu.

Who can submit nominations?

Although individual nominations are allowed, collective or institutional nominations are preferred. The reason for this is that collective nominations show wider support for the nominees who have improved the lives of others by fostering gender equality.

Following the conceptual framework of the Gender Equality Index and its domains, below you will find examples of the areas that you may consider when nominating your ‘inspirational men and women’.


  • Women/ Men promoting policies that aim at closing gender gaps, for instance in terms of pay or occupational segregation;
  • Women/ Men who have non-traditional occupations and break occupational segregation, for instance: men in care work + primary education, women in engineering, science + IT;
  • Women/ Men endorsing initiatives related to parental and paternity leave;
  • Women/ Men employers successfully applying a work/life reconciliation policy for their employees, attracting women or men to the areas marked by traditional occupational segregation, creating equal opportunities in the work place or introducing changes in institutional practices.


  • Women/Men fighting gendered poverty;
  • Women/Men promoting policies/measures to close the gender pay gap;
  • Women/Men facilitating employment of people from socially vulnerable groups and strengthening social inclusion.


  • Women/ Men raising literacy of a disadvantaged group of men or women;
  • Women/ Men who use inspiring methods to eliminate segregation with regard to educational paths as well as in disciplines and professions;
  • Women/ Men using their expertise to foster and promote gender awareness in teaching materials;
  • Women/ Men offering counselling to boys/girls, encouraging them to try non-stereotypical occupations, organising boys/girls day;
  • Women/ Men applying innovative methods to decrease the number of early school leavers;
  • Women/ Men promoting policies for attracting more women into life-long learning.


  • Women/ Men managing/promoting programmes that aim at raising parenting skills for fathers (informal learning);
  • Women/ Men promoting enduring changes in parental roles, family structures, managing/ promoting programmes that aim at raising fathering skills, so they would be more involved in care work at home;
  • Women/ Men running programmes for non-traditional girls/boys in sports, for example: football for girls.


  • Women/ Men judges/ heads of universities/ heads of technological universities fostering gender-equality policies;
  • Women/ Men promoting women in decision-making;
  • Women/ Men fostering greater presence of women on boards.


  • Women/ Men researching and/or promoting a gendered approach to health care and medicine;
  • Women/ Men promoting a gendered approach to health care and medicine;
  • Women/ Men improving the access to health care for vulnerable groups.


  • Women/ Men developing programmes to prevent gender-based violence;
  • Women/ Men who inspire others by their personal experience to help combat and prevent gender-based violence;
  • Campaigners combating gender-based violence.


By the end of the nomination period, a jury will be formed. The jury will be comprised of professionals, representatives of EIGE’s stakeholders, communicators on gender equality, people who have demonstrated their commitment to gender equality.

The top-ranked inspiring women and inspiring men will be portrayed in the Wo/Men Inspiring Europe 2014 printed Calendar.  Following a brief online interview, the profiles of the six inspiring women and six inspiring men will be presented online as Monthly Profiles, within the Calendar section. The next-in-ranking 20 men and 20 women (in the order of ranking) will have their online profiles as Weekly Profiles.All the profiles will be available on the Wo/Men Inspiring Europe Resource – Pool.

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