EU launches unique resource for gender equality

Today EIGE’s Resource and Documentation Centre (RDC) is launched. For the first time ever more than 240 000 resources on gender equality in the EU are available through one portal.

foto_VL_KA_EIGE_RDC – It is a big challenge to gather documents and material from all the countries in EU, but together this constitutes a mutual memory and archive, says Kerstin Alnebratt from NIKK, attending the launch today.

– From a Nordic perspective it is of course regrettable that not all countries are included.

RDC can be used also of countries outside of EU, and this is an important resource for politicians, equality practitioners, researchers and students.

RDC gives you:

  •   easy and quick online access to resources on gender equality in all Member States and at the EU level, including policy documents, articles, research, studies and specialised databases
  • collaborative online space to debate, exchange knowledge and good practices on gender equality with experts from all EU Member States and EU Institutions
  • Reliable and comparable data and information on gender equality


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