NORA problematizes kings and princesses

Prison narratives, gendered perfumes and adoptees' identity work. Topics dealt with in the latest issue of Nora - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research.

NORA, vol 21, number 3 2013, examines how monarchy is constitutionally negotiated and the consequences this has for representations of nation and gender.


Monarchical Manoeuvres: Gender, Nation and the Boundary Problem in Post-War Swedish Constitutional Development
Cecilia Åse

“This is a Book about Choices”: Gender, Genre and (Auto)Biographical Prison Narratives
Lena Karlsson

Intersectionality, the Production of Difference and Norwegian Transnational Adoptees’ Identity Work
Yan Zhao

Gender Categorization of Perfumes: The Difference between Odour Perception and Commercial Classification
Anna Lindqvist

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