Nordic gender equality cooperation matter of life and death

- Gender equality is not a luxury problem, but a matter of life and death. That statement was delivered by Manu Sareen, Denmark's Minister for Gender Equality, as he opened the cross- Nordic Conference on the future of the Nordic Gender Equality cooperation.

Manu Sareen, Minister of Gender Equality in Denmark , is a part of the Nordic equality cooperation with the other Nordic equality Ministers. Here he is with NIKK ‘s symbol of communication without borders in the Nordic Region.

The conference attracted about 200 participants from all Nordic countries , including the self-governing countries, to discuss the future of Nordic gender equality policy. The conference was a starting point for NCM process of developing a new Nordic cooperation program for 2015-2018 and during the day alternated plenary lectures with concrete polls in the audience where the main priorities for future cooperation would be crowned. Education and employment , equality in preschool / elementary education , men’s and boys in gender equality , sexualisation in the media and gender-based violence was some of the themes that was voted most anxious to work on , but it was by a slim majority among the many proposals and ideas .

– As shown by this vote is all important to work with, summed Manu Sareen when results of the conference would be tied together.



Conference keynotes:

Christian Friis Bach, The Minister for Development Cooperation, Denmark, was the day’s first keynote on the theme: Gender Equality globally – what is at stake?

Why should we think about gender equality and diversity together? That was the question Arni Hole, from the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion in Norway, and proposed the  term “gender +” as a way to show that there are more factors than gender to keep in mind.

Lisa Anderson Tengnér, Swedish gender pedagogue and researcher, spoke about how children and adolescents are characterized by social norms and how boys and girls soon learn that they belong to different groups, and that these groups behave differently.

Kenneth Reinicke, masculinity researcher, Denmark, ended with a speech on the role of men and boys in gender equality policy.

The conference was organized by the Nordic Council of Ministers in cooperation with the Ministry of Ligestilling og Kirke in Denmark.

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