Time to step up. Nordicom launches a new platform for gender equality in the media

The media can hinder or hasten the development towards gender equality. Worldwide, only 24 percent of the news subjects are women. In Europe, only one in every ten box office films is directed by a woman and in advertisement and computer games there is an abundance of gender stereotypes. Is there a Nordic way to deal with these issues? Some media organizations in the Nordic Countries has managed better than others, why is that so? Where are the good strategies and the best practices to be found? These are some issues that will be discussed during a number of events during 2014.

Nordic Gender & Media Forum is about creating a platform for discussion about gender equality in the media.  The project is managed by Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg. The project will collect gender based statistics for the Nordic media industry (film, journalism, advertisement and computer games) and present that knowledge as a basis for discussion at different seminars during spring 2014 and a conference i Bergen on May 7th.

Nordic Gender & Media Forum is aiming to gather business, researcher, activists and stakeholders within the media sector in the Nordic Countries and elsewhere. You can attend a single seminar, or participate in all events, it is up to you. The project will gather conclusions, good practices and statistics in a book.

The project can be seen as a regional follow up on the Beijing Platform for Action from 1995.







Nordic Gender & Media Forum is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and run by Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg.

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