Sweden’s Presidency 2018

The presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers is alternating annually between the five Nordic countries. In 2018, Sweden holds the presidency.

In the area of gender equality the work of the presidency is based on the program Together for Gender Equality– a stronger Nordic Region: Nordic co-operation programme on gender equality 2015–2018.

Find the Sweden´s presidency program here.

Within the framework of the Nordic co-operation on gender equality the Swedish presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers will focus on:
• Men and gender equality
• Preventive work against violence against women
• Gender mainstreaming

Projects and arrangements 2018


Conference on labour force participation
Women in the Nordic countries have a high level of labour force participation. However, the employment rate for women is still considerably lower than for men, especially for women born abroad. A Nordic conference targeting these issues will be held in April, 2018.
Date: April 12-13

Nordic Gender Effect at Work
The Nordic Gender Effect at Work is the Nordic prime ministers’ flagship project to promote gender equality as a goal in its own right, and as a prerequisite for decent work and economic growth.

International conference on masculinity
Sweden will arrange the 4th International Conference on Men and Equal Opportunities, ICMEO, in order to keep the international focus on issues of men and gender equality. In connection to the conference the Nordic and Baltic ministers for gender equality will be holding a meeting.
Date: May 15–16

Nordic study for gender equal pensions
Un unequal participation of labour force is widening the payment gap, which in turn generates disparity between men´s and women´s pensions. During its presidency, Sweden will initiate a Nordic study on these issues as a basis for further action.

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