Gender, ethnicity and gender equality

The Nordic Council of Ministers is determined to promote diversity, gender equality and full participation among women, girls, men and boys regardless of ethnic and cultural background. Gender, ethnicity and gender equality is therefore a prioritised theme during the period 2011-2014.

Conference on future gender equality policy

Gender equality and diversity was a focus area during the cross-Nordic conference on future gender equality policy hosted by the Danish Ministry of Gender Equality in October 2013. One topic discussed at the conference was whether the concept of gender equality should be considered separately or as part of the broader concept of diversity.

Expert seminar on social control in gender-conservative environments

A Nordic expert seminar on the situation of young people in gender-conservative environments was held in May 2013 within the framework of the theme of Gender, Ethnicity and Diversity. The participants concluded that there is a need for increased knowledge in the area and that exchange of experiences among the Nordic countries is important. One point that was emphasised is that social control is, in the end, a violation of universal human rights. The experts stressed the need for training among teachers and journalists, meeting places for at-risk adolescents and increased visibility of the positive changes that are indeed occurring.

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