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‘The culture we had to overcome was our own editorial office’

Sure, we might be more gender equal than many other countries in the world, but women are still under-represented in the media. Also, men hold most leading positions in the media industry. What can we do about it? This was the topic of the Nordic Gender & Media Forum in Bergen, Norway on 7 May.

Broad perspective at Nordiskt Forum

The first draft of the program for Nordiskt Forum Malmö 2014 is now released – New Action on Women’s Rights. Thousands of people together with star academics, top politicians, everyday heroes, researchers, activists, performers, cultural profiles and business leaders are expected to attend Nordiskt Forum in Malmö on 12-15 June, according to a press release from the organisers.

Conference on Men and Masculinity Studies

The 4 - 6 June there will be a large Nordic conference in the University of Iceland on men and masculinity studies entitled: Emerging ideas in masculinity research - Masculinity studies in the North.

Demand for Legislation Against Discriminating Advertising

Sweden is the only Nordic country without a law against sexist advertising. The other countries have legislation in place, but the issue is not receiving enough priority. Iceland is best-in-class when it comes to following up on violations, according to a new Nordic review presented today.

Focus on gender equality in the media

The Nordic media industry – how gender equal is it and where are the good examples? These questions are addressed in the project Nordic Gender and Media Forum. ‘We should ask ourselves what kinds of problems media give attention to and who they present as heroes,’ says project leader Maria Edström.

Gender Equality in Nordic Media

The Nordic countries are often cited as pioneers in gender equality, yet the Nordic media remain dominated by stories about men, produced by male journalists. ...

Increase the Gender Equality in Nordic Film

The lack of gender equality in the Nordic film industry persists. Despite ambitious efforts to the contrary, films made by men continue to dominate both ...

Making Change Towards Gender equality in the Media

How can media promote gender equality? What influence can be achieved by activists? How can research contribute to the knowledge about gender equality?

Male dominance at Nordic cinemas

Only six per cent of all films shown at Icelandic cinemas last year were directed by women, according to a gender equality review of film offerings in Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. The results of the review will be presented at the Stockholm Feminist Film Festival.

Media’s Gender Equality Work Has Stagnated

The Swedish network Allt är möjligt, which is Swedish for ‘everything is possible’, brings together Nordic actors for discussion on the responsibilities of media in the gender equality work. Sexist advertising, media activism and challenges in journalism are some of the topics that will be addressed by the network at the Nordic Forum in Malmö.

New website acknowledges female Nordic filmmakers

The contributions of women in the film industry are often marginalised. Therefore, the Swedish Film Institute, Stockholm University, the National Library of Norway and the University of Copenhagen have decided to bring attention to the contributions of female film workers in the Nordic countries by launching a new website titled Nordic Women in Film.

Nordic Countries Join Forces Against Online Hate Speech

The Nordic countries should take the lead in the work against hate speech and sexism on the internet. This is one of the conclusions made after the expert seminar on online hate speech in Copenhagen. ‘We have a tradition of using legislation to regulate markets and should do so also in this domain,’ says Emma Holten, who served on the expert panel.

Nordic Film Project Wants to Break the Male Dominance

WIFT Nordic wants to improve the situation of women in the film industry. Today, men are benefiting from a disproportionate share of the available production support and overall space, which affects both the stories told and the characters displayed in the films. How can the situation be improved for women in this sector?

Nordic Media Activism And Journalism

The media – how gender equal are they and what does today’s media-critical activism look like? The organisations behind this project will look closer at these questions by arranging two seminars at the Nordic Forum in Malmö.

Online hate and violence

Page / Project
How to stop the online violence is a hot topic in all Nordic countries. The epidemic of threats and sexist remarks in website comment fields ...

Project Ad Watch

The Swedish Women’s Lobby launched its Ad Watch campaign in 2013 as an initiative against sexist advertising. The objective of the campaign is to work ...

Public sphere

The public sphere in the Nordic countries is still not for everyone. Sexist advertising, the invisibility of some groups in the media and online hate ...

Sure Boys can Write!

Pojkar kan visst skriva! – sure boys can write! – is the title of Katharina Andersson’s doctoral thesis, where she studies what school children actually can do instead of looking for their weaknesses. By analysing only boys’ writing, their abilities could be assessed and interpreted without comparing them with girls.

Teaching Preschool Workers to Analyse Gender Norms in Children’s Books

This article is from Kilden -
Anne Winsnes Rødland

Reform, The Norweigen resource centre for men, has launched a new website – – to help preschool workers in the Nordic region analyse gender in children’s literature. Do the books promote gender equality? Or do they reinforce destructive gender stereotypes?

The Nordic film industry remains male dominated

The Nordic film industry is still far from gender equal. New statistics presented at the Gothenburg Film Festival show that among the 98 Nordic films that premiered in 2012, only one had women in all key positions, behind and in front of the camera.

The Nordic Women’s Movement Mustering up Strength

Motivational speeches, seminars, concerts and feminist theatre. Conference-goers at the Nordic Forum in Malmö have a lot to look forward to. This Thursday, members of the Nordic women’s movement will gather for the largest conference in 20 years.

Tidskriften Lambda Nordica firar 20 år

Tjugoårsjubilerande Lambda Nordica har länge varit ensam i sitt slag i Norden. I framtiden siktar tidskriften på att bryta den anglo-amerikanska dominansen inom forskningsfältet lhbtq.

Time to step up. Nordicom launches a new platform for gender equality in the media

The media can hinder or hasten the development towards gender equality. Worldwide, only 24 percent of the news subjects are women. In Europe, only one in every ten box office films is directed by a woman and in advertisement and computer games there is an abundance of gender stereotypes. Is there a Nordic way to deal with these issues? Some media organizations in the Nordic Countries has managed better than others, why is that so? Where are the good strategies and the best practices to be found? These are some issues that will be discussed during a number of events during 2014.


The Nordic Gender Effect at Work: Leadership and equal opportunities at work In the Nordic countries, women don’t have to make a choice between career ...

Washing Line in the Colors of the Rainbow

An art project will help bringing colors to the Nordic Pride festivals. Everyone is invited to take part by hanging out their wash in the colors of the rainbow.

WIFT Nordic

WIFT Nordic Network was established during Nordisk Panorama in Malmö, September 2014. The network aims to increase gender equality in Nordic film and television. WIFT ...

Women in Nordic Film History

In this project, coordinated by Stockholm University, research and memory institutions collaborated in approaching the history of Nordic film cultures with a revisionist perspective. The ...

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